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Sandvik is a global company with subsidiaries in over 60 countries and representatives in more than 130 countries with varying laws and cultures. Wherever we operate, we respect the values and traditions of the local community. We fulfill and also try to exceed existing environment requirements, and always strive to fully address any concerns regarding the impact of our activities. At the same time as we pursue a long-term strategy for profitable growth, we are also committed to conducting business in an ethical way.

The economic, environmental and social responsibilities are integral parts of our business plans and decision-making processes. Sandvik's sustainable development is driven by a commitment to keeping these considerations in balance.

Economic responsibility

Sandvik will contribute to sustainable economic development by maintaining long-term customer value, profitability and shareholder return while practicing good business ethics.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental considerations are a key element in all our operations. We always strive to prevent or minimize the harmful effects of our operations on the environment. In fact, many of our products help our customers reduce their environmental impact in a wide variety of industry segments.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is of special importance to us as a global company. For Sandvik, the most important aspect in this regard is to take responsibility for our employees and their work environment.

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We hold approvals to, for example, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
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